Batman 1989 Batarang Replica Prop

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The Toys of a Superhero

Batman really does gets the coolest toys, doesn't he? From grappling hooks to specialized vehicles, he just seems to have a tool for every occasion. Of course, his best tool has to be the Batarang. The tool first appeared in Detective Comics #31, all the way back in 1939. Ever since, it's become a common tool in his arsenal. We can't even imagine Batman heading out into Gotham City without packing a few of them!

Fun Details

It's time to pack a Batarang of your own! This Batman 1989 Batarang Replica Prop is officially licensed from the 1989 Tim Burton movie and does a great job of recreating the famous weapon. The Batarang folds up into a compact size and also features a small display stand, so you can use it to cosplay as Batman, or showcase it with the rest of your Batman collection.