DIE!NAMITE Deluxe Ultra-Premium Trading Cards - Individual Mini-Box Foil Pack

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Product contains: 1 Mini-Box Foil Pack

A zombie plague has infected the universe, and some of the greatest heroes across time and space have banded together to stay alive and to save life itself. Vampirella! Red Sonja! John Carter! Dejah Thoris! Miss Fury! And Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt! From Barsoom to Drakulon to Hyborea to modern-day Earth, they will fight the dead to the death -- or turn undead themselves. Featuring stunning art by Lucio Parrillo, Arthur Suydam, Peach Momoko, Will Robson, Joseph Michael Linsner and more, this new trading-card set is a must-have for fans of both horror and heroes - a beautiful ballet of destruction and renewal against the ultimate foe!

Every individual foil-pack is enhanced packaged in a colorful mini-box and includes 2 Signed Sketch Cards, 2 Base Cards, 1 Line Art Card, 1 Puzzle Card, and 1 Signed Card.