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Invader Zim: Doomsday Dice Game

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In Invader Zim: Doomsday Dice Game up to four players play as either Zim or Gir working for their Almighty Tallest Irkin overlords, or as Dib or Agent Darkbootie working to protect the earth as part of the secretive Swollen Eye network!

Draw cards to build a krazy machine to either destroy or save the earth. Connect cards to build your machine and your strategy. Then roll the BIG POWER DIE (it's HUGE) and the tiny type die (aww, it's cute!), allowing you to activate different cards in your machine.

Activate the cards for their power and surge towards victory, or use them for their special abilities to slow the other players down. The first player to earn 100 energy wins, and everyone else owes them taquitos!


Key Features

  • Fast-Paced Dice Game
  • Based on the Cult Favorite Animated Series
  • Collectible Tin Packaging

Game Contents

  • 64 Cards
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 8 Power Trackers
  • 16 Special Ability Tokens
  • 1 Power Surge Die
  • 1 Special Die
  • 1 Rulebook